The Dead End

1. března 2016 v 8:33 | Lola Kiss |  For You
I know it was you there yesterday
I konw it because I know you, my friend
and what you did - there´s no excuse
and it was mistake, now you lose

I´ve warned you - don´t go there
but you didn´t listen - so it´s only fair
you´ll pay for what have you done
not me, you´ll be the one

You´re late saying I´m sorry
all you have to do is worry
you must pay and really well
´cause if not - you will live in personal hell

You´ve betrayed me, dear friend
and this has only one end
stop saying how sorry you are
you should know this means a war

And here we are, my dearest friend
sittiny in your car, you rent
I have only one solution for my sweet boy
burn in hell you foolish childish toy

Do you hear the crushing waves
oh I forgot - not in your case
you can´t hear the sound of sea
you´re not longer amon us, D.

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